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Book Introduction Videos & Author Events

View all of the videos available for our books

I Want a Better Catastrophe with Andrew Boyd
Wild Plant Culture with Jared Rosenbaum
Plant Science for Gardeners with Robert Pavlis

Introducing Coppice Agroforestry with Mark Krawczyk
The Berry Grower with Blake Cothron
The Book of Nature Connection with nature sommelier Jacob Rodenburg

The Better World Shopping Guide 7th Edition with author Ellis Jones
The Complete Guide to Seed & Nut Oils with Bevin Cohen
We're All Climate Hypocrites Now with Sami Grover

Civilizing the State with John Restakis
Growing Figs in Cold Climates with Lee Reich
What's Up With White Women? with llsa Govan and Tilman Smith

A Brief History of the Earth's Climate with Steven Earle, PHD
Power: Limits and Prospects for Human Survival with Richard Heinberg
Living the 1 5 Degree Lifestyle with Lloyd Alter

We're All Climate Hypocrites Now with Sami Grover
The Web of Meaning by Jeremy Lent
The Art of Plant Based Cheesemaking with Karen McAthy

Pawpaws by Blake Cothron
Growing Conifers with John J. Albers and David E. Perry
Transformative Learning with Satish Kumar

The Artisan Herbalist with Bevin Cohen
Indigenomics with Carol Anne Hilton
Let's Talk Race with Fern L. Johnson and Marlene G. Fine

The Edible Ecosystem Solution with Zach Loeks
The Chinese Greenhouse with Dan Chiras
Human Permaculture with Bernard Alonso
Engage, Connect Protect by Angelou Ezeilo
The Berry Grower with Blake Cothron
Homemade Oils for Cooking and Health Virtual Event with Bevin Cohen
The Book of Nature Connection Event with Jacob Rodenburg

Individual Climate Action vs Systemic Change A conversation with authors Lloyd Alter and Sami Grover
What's Up With White Women Book Launch with Ilsa Govan and Tilman Smith
Growing Conifers, Evergreen Your Landscape with the Beauty and Benefits with John J. Albers and David E Perry

Pawpaws with Blake Cothron
The Artisan Herbalist: Making Teas, Tinctures and Oils at Home with Bevin Cohen
The Chinese Greenhouse: Design and Build a Low-cost, Passive Solar Greenhouse with Dan Chiras

The Need for Deep Transformation with Jeremy Lent
Grow a Successful Garden on the West Coast with Linda Gilkeson
The Need for Second Responders to the Pandemic with David Bollier
Donner Prize 2021 Finalist: Carol Anne Hilton for Indigenomics

Introducing New Society Publishers with Sara Reeves
SDG Publishers Compact with Sue Custance

Print on Demand and The Power of Next Gen Solutions with EJ Hurst
A Better Business: New Society Publishers by Oliver Goshey
Gathering the Threads: The Story of New Society Publishers with Judith Plant