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New Society Publishers has been a leader in sustainable publishing for over 40 years.

We are an activist, solutions-oriented publisher focused on bringing you tools for a world of change. New Society Publishers has published over 600 books, available as both print and ebooks. We care deeply about both what we publish and how  we do business and so the same thinker and doer approach permeates our in-house work and the books themselves. A certified B Corporation, we print on 100% post-consumer recycled paper, we are carbon neutral, and we print only in North America, never offshore.

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We take a unique two-pronged publishing approach to helping build a positive, regenerative future with books for "thinkers" that tackle the problems and prospects facing humanity and books for "doers" that provide a toolkit of hands-on solutions for people looking to make positive change on the ground.

Books that engage with the big ideas, systems, and structures of our times come from leading critical thinkers and cut across resiliency, climate change, economics, agriculture and the food system, education and parenting, peace studies, racism, society and community, and the built environment.

Practical how-to books from acknowledged experts cover mediation, progressive leadership, community building, low-impact living, business and investment, health, permaculture, farming, gardening and modern homesteading, including our Urban Homestead Hacks series for urbanites, renewable energy, and sustainable and natural building, including our Sustainable Building Essentials Series.


New Society Publishers’ roots are firmly planted in activist soil in both the United States and Canada.

Business Structure


New Society Publishers is a proud social enterprise.


New Society Publishers is a progressive publishing company that specializes in books that contribute in fundamental ways to building an ecologically sustainable and just society.


Meet the folks at New Society Publishers who share their passion for publishing books that make a difference.

Mission and Vision


New Society Publishers’ mission is to publish books for a world of change in a way that has a minimum impact on our environment.


New Society Publishers is committed to building an ecologically sustainable and just society not just through education, but through action.


Reflections on 40 Years from Authors, Staff and Colleagues.