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Audiobooks Download Information

When you purchase a New Society audiobook from our website you will receive a link to download a zipped file containing several DRM-free MP3 files.

You can download the zipped file directly to your computer and then import these files into your media player of choice.

To unzip the files on your computer:

  • On Windows: Right-click and select Extract All and then specify a folder you want to extract the audio files to.
  • On a Mac: The zip files should automatically open and show you a folder with the audio files. If not, just double-click the zip files.

If you are listening on your computer then you can just double-click the mp3 files and they will play with your default audio player. If you prefer to use a specific audiobook player (there are many available for free online) then follow your player’s instructions for importing the mp3s.

If you are listening on an iPad, iPod or iPhone then drag and drop the audio files into iTunes and then synchronize with your device.

If you are listening on an Android device then connect your device to your computer, create an audiobook folder on the device, and then copy the audio files there. Advanced users may wish to use cloud storage and an Android file manager to do this instead. Once your audio files are on your device then download an audiobook player (we recommend Smart Audiobook Player in the Google Play Store).

Follow the app directions to tell it where your new audiobook folder is and you’re good to go.

Alternatively, advanced Android users may download the zipped file directly to your device and then use a file manager to extract the audio files to your audiobook folder.