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$24.99 $16.25 USD
Publisher: New Society Publishers
Pub. Date: 2018-08-25
ISBN: 9781771422741
Format: Digital - 144 pages
Size: 7.5" x 9" (w x h)
BISAC: COOKING / Beverages / General

DIY Kombucha (EPUB)

Sparkling Homebrews Made Easy

Since the relatively recent introduction of kombucha onto North American supermarket shelves, this healthy sparkling beverage has exploded in popularity. But can it be brewed at home, with the same tasty, healthy results?

With this straightforward, accessible, and highly visual how-to guide, author Andrea Potter does away with specialist jargon and expensive or hard-to-find equipment, showing how sparkling homebrews from kombucha to water kefir are definitely possible for just about anyone to make, and have fun doing it. Coverage includes:

  • Basic fermentation science
  • Controlling fizz, acidity, and alcohol content
  • Secondary fermentation and adding flavours to the brew
  • Wild-fermented sodas, using a ginger bug (a wild yeast culture)
  • Recipes for kombucha's honey-fed relative, Jun, as well as for water kefir.

Answering key questions including "where does all that sugar go?", "do I need to get a sitter for it when I go on holiday?", and "does this SCOBY look normal?", and including a comprehensive troubleshooting guide to help you keep brewing confidently and consistently, DIY Kombucha is ideal for foodies, urban and rural homesteaders, and health-motivated people — it's an essential addition to your DIY toolkit!

About the Author

Andrea Potter is a Chef and Registered Holistic Nutritionist. She has a background in Culinary Arts, with Red Seal certification. Since 2009, she has owned and operated Rooted Nutrition, aimed at providing nutrition education to a wide variety of clients. She has taught extensively on topics from whole foods nutrition and alternative baking (including sugar-free, gluten-free, and vegan), to seasonal soups, and fermenting and preserving food. Andrea is passionate about supporting health-motivated cooks to make informed healthy choices that start with vibrant, delicious, practical recipes and culinary techniques. Learn more at

"This is a precious book written with a deep personal passion for the subject; more importantly, with the conscientiousness of a caring chef and teacher, as if present in your kitchen, walking you through every possible nuance. This is how the world of food and health ought to be communicated."
Tony Minichiello Culinary Instructor/Co-Owner, Northwest Culinary Academy of Vancouver

"Reading DIY Kombucha feels as if you are sitting in one of Andrea's classes. She brings her humor and openness to every section, making this book an easy read that is incredibly informative and entertaining. Even the most novice homebrewers will leave these pages feeling confident; at the same time, experienced brewers will find themselves taking notes."
Kate McLaughlin, R.H.N.,Owner/ManageR, Canadian School of Natural Nutrition - Vancouver Branch

"What a wonderful book! Concise, yet comprehensive and certainly comforting to such as myself, who never had much confidence in their kombucha brewing skills. Now, with the deeper understanding this book provides, I feel confident to go way beyond the basics. Thank you, Andrea, for this new empowerment."
Jenni Blackmore, author, Permaculture for the Rest of Us and Food Lover's Garden

"With a perfect blend of personal stories, science, and recipes, author Andrea Potter tells you everything you need to know to brew not only kombucha, but other fermented beverages as well. Even though I've been brewing kombucha for several years myself, I still learned a few things, and I can't wait to try making beet cream soda and some of the other unique fermented drinks."
Deborah Niemann, author, Homegrown and Handmade, Ecothrifty, and Raising Goats Naturally

"Andrea Potter's book gives a detailed introduction to the process of making kombucha, as well as water kefir, honey-based jun, ginger beer and more. She thoroughly covers everything you need to know to get started, from equipment to sourcing ingredients, along with a primer on the science of fermentation. With plenty of photos and step-by-step instructions, DIY Kombucha will help you successfully make fermented beverages in your own kitchen."
Victoria Redhed Miller author, Craft Distilling, From No-Knead to Sourdough and Pure Poultry.

"Andrea Potter has created a wonderful resource for beginning kombucha brewers and fermented beverage enthusiasts. She delves into the history of kombucha, its health benefits, and how to master the art of kombucha making. She goes through the process step by step and offers troubleshooting. Her book is beautifully curated with dozens of recipes including fermented beverages using medicinal herbs. It is sure to spark a love for creating your own kombucha."
Crystal Stevens author, Grow Create Inspire and Worms at Work

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