The Algae Farmer

A Complete Guide to Small Scale Algae Production

Algae can be used for food, cosmetics, nutritional supplements, renewable biofuels, environmental remediation, and more. The Algae Farmer is a practical, hands-on guide to this unique emerging form of aquaculture, covering every aspect of cultivation including culturing, harvesting, processing, and market potential.

By: William Padilla-Brown

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Master practical algae cultivation techniques and launch your small-scale algae business

The Algae Farmer is a practical, hands-on guide to this unique, emerging form of aquaculture, covering every aspect of home or micro-industrial scale cultivation for market.

Algae supply over 70% of the world’s oxygen and are primary producers in marine and terrestrial ecosystems, forming the base of many food webs. These ubiquitous organisms have been used for centuries as dietary staples around the world, and now represent a multibillion-dollar global industry.

In this highly accessible, lavishly illustrated, full-color guide, phycology expert William Padilla-Brown shares:

  • The natural history, ecological functions, and many regenerative benefits of fresh and saltwater algae
  • Surprising contemporary uses – algae species range from microscopic (such as spirulina and chlorella) to large multicellular forms (seaweed), and are found in foods as diverse as ice cream, smoothies, soups, and sushi, as well as in superfoods, nutraceuticals, pigments, livestock feeds, fertilizers, and biofuels
  • Small-scale growing and harvesting techniques for beginners including bioprospecting, species selection, nutrient media, and building photobioreactors and centrifugation and filtering equipment using commonly available materials
  • Case studies of successful algae farmers and a vision for algaculture’s thriving future.

The fastest-growing of all agricultural crops, algae is ideal for non-fertile land and urban locations. The Algae Farmer will appeal to sustainable food producers, permaculture enthusiasts, citizen scientists, and anyone committed to exploring creative and innovative solutions to food and resource insecurity.

About The Author(s)

William Padilla-Brown is a multidisciplinary citizen scientist whose work focuses on mycology, phycology, and molecular biology. He grew up traveling around the world with his family living in cities like London, Mexico City, and Taipei. He is the founder and CEO of MycoSymbiotics – an innovative, applied biological sciences enterprise specializing in mushroom and algae research, education, and cultivation. Will is certified in permaculture design and algal culturing techniques, and facilitates courses and consultations for individuals and organizations throughout North America as part of his mission to democratize complex scientific concepts and empower people to create and support sustainable, regenerative ecosystems. He established MycoFest, the first annual mushroom and arts festival of its kind on the East Coast, now in its tenth year. Will is an active hip-hop performing artist. Will is the author of the Cordyceps Cultivation Handbook and the ebook Practical Phycology. His work has been featured in publications such as Fantastic FungiOutside MagazineBuzzfeed, and VICE. He lives in New Cumberland, PA.

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ISBN: 9781774060001

Page Count: 352

Dimensions: 7.5 × 9 × 0.8 in

Publication Date: April 03, 2025

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