How We Gather Matters

Sustainable Event Planning for Purpose and Impact

Events can educate, inspire, and connect, but all too often they escalate into resource-intensive glorifications of excess and exclusivity. How We Gather Matters provides insight and practical tools to unleash the potential of gatherings to help create a more purposeful, inclusive, waste- and emissions-free society.

By: Leor Rotchild

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Grow your audience, shrink your footprint, change the world

Events can help educate, inspire, and connect us to our community, but all too often they escalate into resource-intensive glorifications of excess and exclusivity. How We Gather Matters is an invitation to reimagine the modern events industry as a powerful vehicle for change.

This practical guide will enable and inspire festival, conference, trade show, wedding, concert, and sporting event planners to:

  • Develop the financial and human resources required to implement green, sustainable gatherings
  • Collaborate effectively with diverse teams and stakeholders
  • Design events with impact and purpose, while supporting marketing and strategic goals
  • Engage participants authentically while aligning with positive and progressive values
  • Lead the shift towards net-zero emissions and zero waste by leveraging best practices and accepted international standards.

Packed with personal insights, behind-the-scenes stories, and case studies, How We Gather Matters is required reading for event professionals who want to decrease risk, increase profitability, and meaningfully contribute to a more just, inclusive, and sustainable society.

About The Author(s)

Leor Rotchild is a speaker, author, podcaster, and consultant with 20 years of sustainable business experience. He is the Senior Director at the consultancy Upswing Solutions and previously served as Executive Director of Canadian Business for Social Responsibility. Leor is a pioneer in the sustainable events industry and founder of an environmental events company called Do It Green, which supported hundreds of major events. He lives in Calgary, Alberta with his partner and two children.

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ISBN: 9780865719880

Page Count: 272

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Publication Date: May 07, 2024

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