The Farmer’s Office, Second Edition

Tools, Templates, and Skills for Starting, Managing, and Growing a Successful Farm Business

The Farmer’s Office, Second Edition is the complete guide to starting, managing, and growing an agricultural or farm business. Fully updated and expanded to include tutorials on basic farm financial management, QuickBooks, business planning, navigating uncertainty, business growth, and thinking like an entrepreneur.

By: Julia Shanks

Foreward By: Jean-Martin Fortier

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The no-nonsense, practical guide for farm-preneurs to grow a successful farm business – completely revised and updated

You launched your farm because you love working the land and producing food. Yet to succeed you also need to think like an entrepreneur. The Farmer’s Office, Second Edition is your must-have toolkit for starting and growing a sustainable agricultural business.

Written by a consultant and entrepreneur who has supported hundreds of farm-preneurs, this essential resource is fully revised and updated to empower farmers to make sound decisions and manage their farm business for success. Topics include:

  • Detailed descriptions of accounting and business concepts
  • How to write a business plan for a new or growing venture and access financing
  • Setting up and using QuickBooks for day-to-day sales and expense tracking, as well as for more complex tasks such as budgeting, cash flow analysis, and cost accounting
  • Leveraging financial information to refine operations, improve profits, and develop strategies for growth
  • Managing debt and cash flow challenges
  • Planning for business growth and expansion
  • Adapting to external shocks and learning to pivot
  • Understanding mental blocks that can limit an entrepreneur’s success.

Enhanced with detailed case studies of real farm businesses, The Farmer’s Office, Second Edition is your personal business coach, providing guidance for all the business skills needed to succeed as a businessperson in a competitive and rapidly changing world.

About The Author(s)

Julia Shanks works with food and agricultural entrepreneurs to achieve financial and operational sustainability. She has worked with a range of beginning and established farmers, providing technical assistance and business coaching that has allowed them to launch, stabilize and grow their ventures. A frequent lecturer on sustainable food systems and accounting, she sits on the advisory board of Future Chefs and is the regional leader of Slow Money Boston. In her tiny, urban garden in Cambridge, MA, Julia harvests vegetables seven months out of the year. Together with Brett Grohsgal, she is also coauthor of The Farmers Market Cookbook .

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ISBN: 9780865719934

Page Count: 336

Dimensions: 7.5 × 8.875 × 0.8 in

Publication Date: February 13, 2024

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