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$29.99 $19.50 USD
$29.99 $19.50 USD
Publisher: New Society Publishers
Pub. Date: 2004-04-01
ISBN: 9781771420945
Format: Digital - 176 pages
Size: 7.5" x 9" (w x h)
BISAC: ARCHITECTURE / Sustainability & Green Design

Timber Framing for the Rest of Us (EPUB)

A Guide to Contemporary Post and Beam Construction

by Rob Roy

Many natural building methods rely upon the use of post and beam frame structures that are then in-filled with straw, cob, cordwood, or more conventional wall materials. But traditional timber framing employs the use of finely crafted jointing and wooden pegs, requiring a high degree of craftsmanship and training, as well as much time and expense. However, there is another way...

Timber Framing for the Rest of Us describes the timber framing methods used by most contractors, farmers, and owner-builders, methods that use modern metal fasteners, special screws, and common sense building principles to accomplish the same goal in much less time. And while there are many good books on traditional timber framing, this is the first to describe in depth these more common fastening methods. The book includes everything an owner-builder needs to know about building strong and beautiful structural frames from heavy timbers, including:

  • the historical background of timber framing
  • crucial design and structural considerations
  • procuring timbers-including different woods, and recycled materials
  • foundations, roofs, and in-filling consdierations
  • the common fasteners.

A detailed case study of a timber frame project from start to finish completes this practical and comprehensive guide, along with a useful appendix of span tables and a bibliography.

Highly illustrated, this book enables 'the rest of us' to build like the professionals and will appeal to owner-builders, contractors and architects alike.

Mother Earth News Wiser Living Series

About the Author

Author/editor Rob Roy has been building, researching and teaching about cordwood masonry for 25 years and, with his wife, started Earthwood Building School in 1981. He has written ten books on alternative building, presented four videos-including two about cordwood masonry-and has taught cordwood masonry all over the world.

"With more than thirty years of hands-on experience, Rob Roy brings solid insight and understanding of the importance of timber framing to all aspects of natural building. This eminently readable, beautifully illustrated book offers both practical advice and personal experience."
ROBYN GRIGGS LAWRENCE, Editor-in-Chief, Natural Home magazine

"If you want to build a home or barn without spending a fortune, you should read this book. Modern timber framing techniques are easy to learn and perfect for building with straw bales, cordwood masonry, cob, structural insulated panels (SIPs) or local timber. The chapter about low-cost chainsaw mills for cutting your own lumber, alone, is worth the price of the book."
CHERYL LONG, Editor-in-Chief, Mother Earth News

"In Timber Framing for the Rest of Us, Rob continues his good work of stocking the shelves of the owner-builder's library. His books provide accessible information and inspiration to a new generation of hands-on homeowners."
MARK KLEIN, Gimme Shelter Construction, Amherst, WI

"This is a wonderful reference for anyone considering timber frame construction, and is somewhat intimidated by the exactness of the craft. Rob Roy has blended this beautiful time-honored technique with state-of-the-art joinery components to make timber framing available to all. However, there's more than just nuts and bolts to this book, Rob also provides useful information on frame design, structural load calculations, lumber procurement and more. If you're looking for an alternative to conventional construction but aren't quite ready to tackle a traditional timber frame this books for you."
DON OSBY, builder and art director of BackHome Magazine

"Rob Roy provides a wealth of basic information, tools and techniques for heavy timber construction, employing "bolts and ingenuity". He offers a comprehensive and comprehendible alternative to traditional timber framing for people with a wide range of skills and experiences, all delivered in the lively and charming style we have come to expect from his work in other areas."
JOEL C. MCCARTY, Timber Framers Guild

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