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$29.99 $19.50 USD
Publisher: New Society Publishers
Pub. Date: 2018-05-28
ISBN: 9781550926767
Format: Digital - 256 pages
Size: 7.5" x 9" (w x h)
BISAC: COOKING / Courses & Dishes / Bread

From No-knead to Sourdough (PDF)

A Simpler Approach to Handmade Bread

Is there any food that evokes pleasant memories and warm feelings more than bread? It's the most basic of foods, yet many of us are intimidated by the prospect of making our own. "Artisan" bread, craft bakeries, and wood-fired pizza are gaining popularity — imagine creating these fabulous breads at home.

With From No-Knead to Sourdough, author Victoria Redhed Miller blends her own journey toward self-reliance with her fascination for traditional homesteading skills and love of good food. From making simple yeast breads, to learning how to bake a wide variety of sourdough-based breads, the author's curiosity and fearlessness come together to share with readers a simpler approach to the pleasures of bread-baking.

Topics include:

  • Fitting bread-baking into your schedule
  • Low- and no-gluten baking, including GF sourdough breads
  • Using a wood-fired oven
  • Recipes for every comfort zone, from flatbread to sourdough
  • "Sexy science talk" sidebars for those interested in the science of baking.

From No-Knead to Sourdough will inspire the beginner and the accomplished baker alike to find their own comfort zone and move on to new skills when they are ready. Pizza and bagels, flatbreads and loaf breads, even gluten-free breads — you become the artisan when you make your own bread.

About the Author

Victoria Redhed Miller is a writer, photographer, and homesteader. She speaks and writes extensively on topics including home distilling, bread baking, poultry keeping, and more. Victoria lives on a 40-acre off-grid farm in Washington State, and is also the author of Pure Poultry and the award-winning Craft Distilling.

"Victoria writes with a fine blend of passion and common sense, with informative asides like "Sexy Science Talk". There are few things more soul-satisfying than the taste of homemade sourdough, and even fewer things as healthful to keep your mind and body tuned and balanced. Victoria's detailed but uncluttered recipes make that argument, delectably."
Stephen Yafa, author, Grain of Truth: Why Eating Wheat Can Improve Your Health

"Victoria Miller cleverly combines science, history, and personal touches to make homemade bread accessible for everyone, no matter his or her level of experience. I've made my own bread for years, and I find this book helpful, friendly, and inspiring. Miller's experiences homesteading and scratch cooking combine with bread-making instruction to bring a connectivity between baking and living off of the land that is refreshing and holistic."
Meredith Leigh, author, The Ethical Meat Handbook and Pure Charcuterie

"I think baking is a lot like gardening: it's as old as the hills, but we're still experimenting and still learning. That's a good thing, especially given our interest in learning to create handmade bread. And as usual, reading Victoria's writing is a pleasure in and of itself."
George and Jolie Will, home bread bakers

"Victoria Miller brings the art and science of breadmaking to life in her newest book that is surely destined to be a family favorite. Her no-nonsense style cuts through the controversy of gluten vs gluten-free, and along with gluten-free options provides a balanced approach to this hot topic. If you are seeking a new hobby that the whole family will love, look no further than From No Knead to Sourdough."
Hannah Crum, co-author, The Big Book of Kombucha

"Eclectic homesteader Victoria Redhed Miller takes us on a journey that's part science, part art and part passion, infused with a lot of history and can-do! From No-Knead to Sourdough is a fresh approach to bringing the joys of bread making into virtually any kitchen setting and has plenty to feed both experienced bakers and neophytes."
Hank Will, Editorial Director, Ogden Publications

"From No-Knead to Sourdough is destined to have a permanent place among my favorite cookbooks! Enough craft for my inner artist, enough science for my inner nerd, this book cuts through the mystery of bread baking with easy-to-follow recipes and instructions that will get you into your groove in no time. I no longer fear bagels, and sourdough is next on my list."
Callene Rapp, co-author, Raising Rabbits for Meat, and owner, The Rare Hare Barn, LLC

"Kneaded into the spirit of this profoundly useful book is a deeper message reminding us that bread is a spiritual staple in human society. Victoria Redhed Miller brings the delicious and wholesome essence of homemade bread back into our lives in a straightforward and practical way. At the same time she enriches our spirit with a new awareness of good bread's elevating presence in our lives, like the aroma of a new loaf wafting from the oven. Thank you, Victoria."
Bryan Welch, former publisher, Mother Earth News, Mother Earth Living and Utne Reader; and author, Beautiful & Abundant: Building the World We Want

"If you're like me, and bread baking and working with dough is out of your comfort zone, this book will take you step-by-step through the learning curve, and your home kitchen will transform into your dream bakery. From No-Knead to Sourdough is so much more than another bread baking book; this one comes complete with a supportive friend in the kitchen! Victoria methodically makes bread baking so simple and accessible that you too will share her enthusiasm and expertise. I have to run. I have another loaf needing to come out of the oven."
Lisa Kivirist, author, Soil Sisters: A Toolkit for Women Farmers and Homemade for Sale

"Victoria Redhed Miller's clear instructions and the well-organized structure of this book allow for experienced bakers to jump right to recipes, and provide beginners with thorough (but not overwhelming) descriptions of processes. What I particularly like is how she brings bread baking down to the real world. Informative, useful, and entertaining. What more could you want in a book."
Jereme Zimmerman, author of Brew Beer Like a Yeti and Make Mead Like a Viking

"From No-Knead to Sourdough is an essential volume for anyone aspiring to a regenerative lifestyle and to live more healthfully and self-sufficiently. Victoria guides readers of all experience levels through the joys and intricacies of bread-making by offering a graceful balance of easy to follow steps and deeper science."
Oliver Goshey, Abundant Edge

"If you follow the guidelines in this book, I guarantee you too will produce appealing, tasty, nutritious breads, all in the comfort of your own kitchen and within your COMFORT ZONE! Victoria has done the research and the testing for you, ready for you to learn and master the art of handmade bread making."
Colleen Lamb, M.Ed., owner, Dungeness River Lamb Farm and Lamb Farm Kitchen

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A Simpler Approach to Handmade Bread

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