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Resilient Agriculture, Second Edition

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Publisher: New Society Publishers
Pub. Date: 2022-05-17
ISBN: 9780865719507
Format: Paperback - 320 pages
Size: 7.5" x 9" (w x h)
BISAC: TECHNOLOGY & ENGINEERING / Agriculture / Sustainable Agriculture

Resilient Agriculture, Second Edition

Cultivating Food Systems for a Changing Climate

Climate change presents an unprecedented challenge to the productivity and profitability of agriculture in North America. Drought and flooding rains create the most obvious damage, but hot summer nights, warmer winters, changing pest pressures, and other changes have more subtle but far-reaching effects on the production of crops and livestock.

This updated second edition of Resilient Agriculture takes you beyond the headlines and the hype to examine the complexities of climate change, resilience, and the future of food through the adaptation stories of some of North America's best sustainable farmers and ranchers.

Updated content includes:

  • 4th National Climate Assessment
  • Current and projected climate change impacts by region
  • New interviews with award-winning farmers and ranchers and updates on the producers featured in the first edition
  • New chapters exploring agricultural climate solutions, the regional roots of resilience, and emerging policies and programs designed to enhance the climate resilience of agriculture and food systems.

To enjoy the sustained production of food, fiber, and fuel well into the 21st century, we must begin now to make changes to enhance the adaptive capacity and resilience of agriculture and food systems. Whether you're an educator, farmer, researcher, policy maker, or simply an interested eater, Resilient Agriculture will take you on a journey into the power of sustainable agriculture as a solution to climate change.

About the Author

Laura Lengnick is an award-winning soil scientist with 25 years of experience working as a researcher, policy maker, educator, and farmer to put sustainability values into action in agriculture and food systems. She is the founder and principal at Cultivating Resilience, LLC, in Asheville, NC.

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