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Publisher: New Society Publishers
Pub. Date: 2018-08-10
ISBN: 9780865718920
Format: Paperback - 288 pages
Size: 6" x 9" (w x h)

The Clean Money Revolution

Reinventing Power, Purpose, and Capitalism

"[Joel is] a beloved local financial superhero, and this book is a brilliant roadmap to purposeful investing." —Catherine Ludgate, Manager of Community Investment, Vancity

By 2050, $50 trillion will change hands in North America in the largest generational wealth transfer ever. It will remake the world and be the biggest money-making opportunity in history.

"Business as usual," founded on exploitation and environmental ruin, is over. Climate catastrophe, reactionary politics, and widening inequity have put the world on edge. Meanwhile innovations are shifting the economic ground, and an entire generation is pounding the table for real change. Capitalism is evolving into a force that can restore the planet, transform the global economy, and bring justice to people.

Joel Solomon, impact investor and change agent, lays it on the line. The Clean Money Revolution is part memoir of an inspiring thought leader's journey from presidential campaigner to pioneering investor, part insider's guide to the businesses remaking the world, and part manifesto for a new vision of profit, power, and purpose.

Meet some of the people behind this massive shift, and discover the role you can play in the $50-trillion movement toward true prosperity. A must-read for investors, wealth advisors, aspiring entrepreneurs, and all who want their values and money to work together to transform the future.

The Clean Money Revolution is on. Join it!

"Good helpful stuff to do with your filthy lucre." —Margaret Atwood, author of The Handmaid's Tale

"Joel Solomon so eloquently lights the path society needs to take in order to ensure future generations can flourish on a sustainable planet earth." —Reverend Yearwood, President of the Hip Hop Caucus


  • SILVER | 2018 Axiom Book Awards: Ethics
  • FINALIST | 2017 Axiom Book Awards: Business & Economics
About the Authors

Joel Solomon is Chairman of Renewal Funds, a $98 million mission venture capital firm. He has invested in over 100 early growth-stage companies, delivering above-market returns while catalyzing positive social and environmental change.

Tyee Bridge is a Vancouver-based writer whose work focuses on progressive change-makers, ecological issues, and the power of story. His writing has received many honors, including four National Magazine Awards and seven Western Magazine Awards. He is the founder of Nonvella, which specializes in short works of literary nonfiction, and of Arclight, a custom publishing firm.

"Nothing less than the antidote for modern finance."
Don Shaffer, partner, Jubilee, former CEO, RSF Social Finance

"Amplifies the urgent need for capitalism to redefine its purpose."
Kat Taylor, co-founder and co-CEO, Beneficial State Bank

"A profoundly sensible 21st century roadmap."
Gary Hirshberg, chairman and former president and CEO, Stonyfield Farm

"It's aspirational, it's unsettling, it's demanding — but revolutions are like that."
Danielle LaPorte, author, The Desire Map and White Hot Truth

"Answering the most salient and unanswered question in our quest to transform as a civilization."
Alfa Demmellash, CEO and co-founder, Rising Tide Capital

"Decades of wisdom are distilled in the book... prepare to be transformed."
Ziya Tong, host, Daily Planet, Discovery Channel

"A fresh vision, insightful, wise and profoundly hopeful."
Wade Davis, UBC leadership chair in "Cultures and Ecosystems at Risk

"A powerful messag."
Annie Leonard, executive director, Greenpeace USA and founder, The Story of Stuff

"Could literally cause billions of dollars to move toward saving the planet for future generations."
Kevin Jones, founder, SOCAP

"This book is long overdue. I cannot recommend it enough for anyone who cares to build a better future."
Paul Born, author, Deepening Community

"Crisp and insightful...this vision could remake our world."
Randy Hayes, executive director, Foundation Earth and founder, Rainforest Action Network

"This book is a non-negotiable for these times."
Nikki Silvestri, co-founder and CEO, Silvestri Strategies, and co-founder, Live Real

"Joel Solomon is the Pied Piper of the Clean Money Revolution."
Deb Nelson, vice-president, client and community engagement, RSF Social Finance, and former executive director, Social Venture Network

"...A rare contributor to the re-conception of business as a blending of the best of enterprise with true social commitment."
Drummond Pike, founder, Tides Foundation

"Solomon is a rare capital-savvy elder who inspires Millennials to have hope and take action now, for a fair and secure long term future."
David Karr, co-founder and chief brand cebador, Guayaki

"This book transcends ideology and platitudes and merges vision with clear case studies to give us a pathway to a better world."
Tzeporah Berman, environmental activist, author, adjunct professor, York University

"Joel and The Clean Money Revolution show us how money, rather than being the "root of all evil," can become the driver for a more just and sustainable world."
Robert Gass, EdD, co-founder, Rockwood Leadership Institute and the Social Transformation Project

"The Clean Money Revolution is the culmination of decades of work.... This book and all it represents are truly seminal and the hope for our collective future."
Alissa Sears, VP growth and Strategy, co-founder, adVenturesAcademy

"Joel's work is a clarion call to a deeper form of capitalism, one that truly maximizes the productivity of our money and time on this planet."
Alex Lau, vice president, Golden Properties Ltd.

"...From politics to supporting ChangeMakers, to facilitating deep interpersonal work, thank you Joel Solomon for your modelling."
Jessica Norwood, executive director, ChangeMakers Network

"Forces us to consider what our money is doing, right now, to our common world; and invites all of us but particularly those with inherited wealth to join a new movement of clean money and literally save our planet."
Deepa Narayan, author, Voices for the Poor series andMoving Out of Poverty series;former senior advisor in the Vice President's Office of the Poverty Reduction Group of the World Bank

"Five stars."
Jed Emerson, Independent Strategic Advisor to Impact Investors

"Good helpful stuff to do with your filthy lucre, if any."
Margaret Atwood, author, Handmaid's Tale

"Joel sees the future more clearly than Ray Kurzweil. He has already made the world a better place than he found it. I think his Indian name just may be "sees many trillions"."
Denise Williams, executive director,First Nations Technology Council

"I've had the pleasure of knowing Joel for a decade. In that time, he has come to occupy a nearly mythical status in my mind: compassionate, challenging, whip-smart, and so, so insightful."
Matthew Weatherley-White, co-founder and managing director,The Caprock Group, and selection board member, Impact Assets 50

"Joel Solomon so eloquently lights the path society needs to take in order to ensure future generations can flourish on a sustainable planet earth."
Reverend Yearwood, President of the Hip Hop Caucus

"Joel Solomon is one of the smartest, most caring people I know. And this book represents the best of both. Read it now."
Carol Sanford, author and executive producer of The Regenerative Business Summit

"Joel has done so much to create and shape the landscape of impact investing. He's a beloved local financial superhero, and this book is a brilliant roadmap to purposeful investing."
Catherine Ludgate, Manager of Community Investment, Vancity

"Joel's book offers the history and sets the stage well, for everyone who wants to align their investments with their values — no need to sacrifice results."
Janet M. Morgan, managing director, Cornerstone Capital Group

"I'm a superfan of Joel Solomon. You should be after reading his book."
Joshua Fouts, executive director, Bioneers

"The world needs this wisdom now more than ever."
Karen Mahon, Canadian director,

"Nodding my head, appreciating, note-making, and enjoying the @ joelsolomon book, The Clean Money Revolution.#bionomy #ethical #neweconom."
Raffi Cavoukian, singer, founder of Centre for Child Honoring

"This book dramatically changed how I look at my investments, and the financial industry in general. I have a long list of people who will be receiving this book from me as a gift."
Fiona Douglas-Crampton, president and CEO of Dalai Lama Center for Peace and Education

"There are so many who need to read this text, including my now former investment advisor. If he had taken up my challenge to read this book, he would likely still be working for me."
Michael Keefer, lead visionary and president, Keefer Ecological Services Ltd.

"Joel's thought leadership in the clean money space will leave a legacy for generations to come."
Rosy Atwal, co-founder, Maple Organics, The Organic Pharmaceutical Company

"Clean Money is a real treasure, a beacon of wisdom."
Sana Kapadia, chief impact officer, Spring Activator

"Joel's clever weaving of history throughout made this book hard to put down."
Emily Applegate, vice president of Impact Investments, Change Finance

"Joel speaks to the wisdom of our ancestors and galvanizes us all to act. He inspires us to be a great ancestor."
Dharini Thiruchittampalam, adjunct professor, Sauder School of Business, UBC

"A great read, and very important."
Hunter Lovins, co-author, A Finer Future and Natural Capitalism

"Crisp and insightful, for the long-term health of the whole planet."
Randy Hayes, director, Foundation Earth

"The simple thought — "do you know what your money is doing" really stuck with me."
Roger Dickhout, president and CEO, Pineridge Group

"Humble and powerful. A gem."
Michèle Soregaroli, founder, CEO and coach, Transformation Catalyst Corporation

"This is your call to action."
Shivani Singh, founding and managing partner, PathFinder

"Joel Solomon has inspired thousands of others along the path of a more ethical and fulfilling life. We are fortunate to have him among us as a soulful friend and authentic guide."
Yosef Wosk, rabbi, philanthropist, author, and director of interdisciplinary programs of continuing studies, Simon Fraser University

"Wasn't at all what I expected. Authenticity and depth". Holly Vipond, financial security advisor, Freedom 55 Financial "A rockstar in the "make good with money" space."
Fiona Rayher, filmmaker, Fractured Land, and co-founder and CEO, Hoovie"Encourages all investors to question how their money is affecting people and the planet."
Julien Gafarou, investment and portfolio analysis consultant, Toniic


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