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Publisher: New Society Publishers
Pub. Date: 2004-01-24
ISBN: 9780865714847
Format: Paperback - 176 pages
Size: 7.5" x 9" (w x h)
BISAC: TECHNOLOGY & ENGINEERING / Power Resources / General


Clean Power from Water

Hydroelectricity is the world's largest-and cleanest-source of renewable energy. But despite lively interest in renewables generally, there is an information vacuum about the smallest version of the technology dubbed "the simplest, most reliable and least expensive way to generate power off grid."

Highly illustrated and practical, Microhydro is the first complete book on the topic in a decade. Covering both AC and DC systems, it covers principles, design and site considerations, equipment options, and legal, environmental, and economic factors.

Mother Earth News Wiser Living Series

About the Author

Scott Davis is an award-winning renewable energy project developer with decades of experience operating, installing, designing, selling and teaching about microhydro technology. He is a founder and president of Friends of Renewable Energy BC, and the author of two books on microhydro.

"At long last, a book about small, residential-scale hydroelectric. Our industry has been looking for this book for over ten years."
DOUG PRATT, Technical Editor, Real Goods

"As manufacturers and marketers of the PowerPal line of microhydro products, we are really delighted with Scott Davis' new book Microhydro: Clean Power from Water. It is a well-written, informative and, above all, practical guide to all aspects of microhydroelectric generation and installation. We certainly intend to recommend it to our customers and to other interested parties."
DAVID L. SEYMOUR, President, Asian Phoenix Resources Ltd.

"This book reflects Scott Davis' many years of experience in this field, and his belief in energy conservation. He presents the art of small micro-hydropower generation in a very easy to read format, with excellent illustrations. This book would be invaluable to anyone planning to develop a small microhydropower system and to all who believe in renewable energy."
GHANASHYAM RANJITKAR, Energy Specialist (Micro-hydropower), MIEE

"Finally! A book that explains how microhydro works. Scott has filled the long-standing need for this kind of book with one that is comprehensive and understandable."
POWERHOUSE PAUL, manufacturer of micro-hydroelectric generators since 1980


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