The Chinese Greenhouse

Design and Build a Low-Cost, Passive Solar Greenhouse

The Chinese Greenhouse is the only complete guide to designing, building, and operating high-performance, earth-sheltered, solar-heated, intelligently glazed, and insulated passive greenhouses, allowing you to grow a variety of vegetables year-round—even in cold climates—in soil or aquaponics grow beds.

By: Dan Chiras

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Grow vegetables year-round in a greenhouse powered only by solar energy

Originally developed in China to feed millions, Chinese greenhouses are earth-sheltered, solar-heated, east-west oriented, intelligently glazed, and well-insulated. They have proven highly effective in growing warm-weather vegetables and fruits like green peppers and tomatoes in cold climates through fall, winter, and early spring using passive solar energy as the sole heat source.

The Chinese Greenhouse is a full-color comprehensive guide to these passive solar greenhouses for self-sufficiency and growing year-round in soil or aquaponic grow beds with no additional heat. Coverage includes:

  • How to design, build, and operate a Chinese greenhouse
  • How to improve performance via short-term and long-term heat banking
  • How to provide additional heat to make your greenhouse operate even more effectively
  • How to cool the greenhouse during the summer.

Become a more self-sufficient gardener, growing and harvesting a variety of fresh fruits and vegetables year-round, with your own Chinese greenhouse.

About The Author(s)

Dan Chiras, PhD, is the author of 38 books, including Solar Electricity BasicsPower from the WindPower from the Sun, and The Homeowners Guide to Renewable Energy. He has taught workshops on solar electricity and passive solar heating for the Evergreen Institute, the American Solar Energy Society, the Colorado Renewable Energy Society, the Missouri Solar Energy Industries Association, and the University of Colorado. Over the past 45 years, Dan has published articles on natural building, green building, solar electricity, passive solar design, self-sufficiency, and sustainability in publications such as Solar TodayHome Power, and Mother Earth News. He has installed numerous solar electric and wind systems in Missouri and has lived on solar electricity since 1996. He lives on a solar- and wind-powered farm in Gerald, MO.

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ISBN: 9780865719293

Page Count: 240

Dimensions: 7.5 × 9 × 0.64 in

Publication Date: November 03, 2020

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