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NEW SOCIETY BLOG — Landscape Design

Introduction to Green Roofs

In Essential Green Roof Construction, Leslie Doyle provides step-by-step instructions to build a green roof. By blending common sense with beauty, a green roof is a system of layers that work together to support plant life, insulate homes, and make the world a greener place. Today, Leslie introduces green roofs in an excerpt shared from her book, Essential Green Roof Construction.

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Focusing On Regeneration and Collective Good

Much of the last few years has been talking about getting back to normal. But what if we strived to get back to something better than what we had? In The Edible Ecosystem Solution, Zach Loeks provides a practical guidebook that looks at underutilized spaces to reveal the many opportunities for landscape transformation that are both far-reaching and immediately beneficial and enjoyable.

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How well do you know the most popular tree of the season?

How much do you know about pine trees? In Growing Conifers, John Albers and David Perry share extensive information on identifying, selecting, and cultivating conifers. Today, we share an excerpt from the book on the 12 of the most commonly seen pine genera.

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Author Interview with John Albers of Growing Conifers

Today’s blog features an interview with John Albers, the author of the just-released book Growing Conifers: The Complete Illustrated Gardening and Landscaping Guide.

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Pines, Firs, and Cedar Galore: How I Learned To Love Coneheads and Dance with The Conifers They Adore

Some of my best friends are coneheads. You know, conifer geeks. Not all of them, mind you, but some. Enough. Yes, definitely enough!

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Classifying Conifers

With so many varieties of conifer trees, have you ever wondered how people tell them apart? Understanding how the characteristics of trees affect their classification can help you identify different types. Today on the blog, we have an excerpt from Growing Conifers: The Complete Illustrated Gardening and Landscaping Guide on conifer classification. Next time you walk through a forest with conifers, see how many you can classify.

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Edible Laneways

Today Zach Loeks, author of The Edible Ecosystem explains why edible landways are a simple and effective way to manage a garden on small properties and homesteads. The concept is this: focus your fruit, berry and herb planting along a single bed beside your driveway or along a fence line.

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Why People Should Maximize Their Yards With Gardens and Edible Landscapes

How could a 25 square foot yard be transformed if it was turned into a garden? That was the first question Zach Loeks asked when he began writing his newest book, The Edible Ecosystem Solution: Growing Biodiversity in Your Backyard and Beyond.

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Interview with author Crystal Stevens

Today's author interview, featuring our winning giveaway question, is with Crystal Stevens, author of Your Edible Yard: Landscaping with Fruits and Vegetables

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Yard to Table Eating

If we revisit the idea of the home system, let’s start in the kitchen. What do you eat? How much money do you spend on food? What percentage of food do you grow and preserve? What changes would you like to make with the food you purchase and consume

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