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How To Quickly Harvest and Store Your Produce

For Jean-Martin, efficient harvesting is paramount to a successful market business. In this excerpt from The Market Gardener, he shares his years of market farming experience and outlines some commonly grown crops, along with their most efficient methods of harvest.

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Why You Need Microbes and Bioinoculants For A Better Garden

Microscopic organisms are as important to plant growth as water and light. In Microbe Science for Gardeners, Robert Pavlis highlights the essential role of microbes in plant biosystems and soil health, while providing an objective, common-sense analysis of recently popularized practices such as controlling fungal-to-bacterial ratios and applying biostimulants, compost tea, or plant probiotics.

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Take a Digital Detox

Today’s world, for many of us, has become increasingly tech-focused. We start and end our days focused on phones, tablets, and computers, surfing news and social media.

In The Joy of Missing Out, author Christina Crook delves into the impacts our wired world is having on us individually and as a society, and suggests achievable options for taking breaks and reclaiming our control over technology.

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August Planting for Autumn Feasting

Planting vegetables in the middle of summer seems wrong – but most temperate gardens can yield a second harvest in autumn. In August, try planting hardy greens along with root vegetables like beets and carrots, and enjoy another round of garden-fresh food through the fall.

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The basics of rainwater harvesting

Rainwater collection can help ease pressure on both local watersheds as well as regional water infrastructure, while also providing some peace of mind to the homeowner – and a lower water bill.

Essential Rainwater Harvesting provides tools and information, along with step-by-step design help, to build an effective collection system that’s tailored to your situation.

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How much screen time is too much for kids?

How much screen time is too much for kids? What are the effects? How can I take control of screens in our family? Will I go crazy without a handy iPad to hand to my kids? Will they? What if they’re bored?

These questions probably sound pretty familiar to most parents these days. But is it even possible to take back some control over digital devices?

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No-till Methods for Sustainable Organic Market Farming – and Gardening Too!

In Practical No-till Farming, author Andrew Mefferd provides a quick-and-dirty guide to transitioning your farm or market garden to no-till methods, including a comprehensive look at the many benefits to doing so. No-till is a great option for sustainable organic vegetable and flower farming, saving time, improving soil health, and much more.

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What is National Indigenous Peoples Day?

In 1996, Canada established National Aboriginal Day; in 2017, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau announced the federal government’s intention to rename this day of observance National Indigenous Peoples Day.

But what does this really mean, in terms of Truth and Reconciliation and non-Indigenous celebration and allyship?

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