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Intrinsic Hope is the Grand Prize Nautilus Award Winner

We are thrilled to announce that three New Society titles have won Nautilus Awards this year.

The Nautilus Awards aim to recognize 'Better Books for a Better World.' Their core mission is to celebrate and honor books that support conscious living & green values, high-level wellness, positive social change & social justice, and spiritual growth.

Gold in Personal Growth + Grand Prize Overall Winner

Intrinsic Hope: Living Courageously in Troubled Times by Kate Davies, wins Gold in the personal growth category and, is the Grand Prize overall winner this Nautilus award season.

Maintaining hope is difficult in a world falling apart. Intrinsic Hope offers a powerful antidote to despair, showing how to free ourselves from the false hope that the world will conform to our expectations and how to cultivate "intrinsic hope," a positive approach based on trusting life. Presents 6 mindful habits for hopeful living.

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Gold in Aging Consciously

The Aging of Aquarius: Igniting Passion and Purpose as an Elder by Helen Wilkes received the Gold in the category of Aging Consciously

The Aging of Aquarius takes readers on a journey to find a new identity and passion and purpose in retirement. From gardening clubs to political campaigning, to social investing and creative work, it offers inspiration,practical steps, and resources.

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Silver in the Ecology and Environment

A Finer Future: Creating an Economy in Service to Life by L. Hunter Lovins won Silver in the Ecology and Environment.

Humanity is in a race with catastrophe and charting the course to a regenerative economy is the most important work facing the world. A Finer Future gathers the evidence and delivers the essential blueprint for an economy that works for people and the planet.

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