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Interview with John Moody, author of The Elderberry Book

John Moody

Today's blog interview featuring our winning giveaway questions, is with John Moody, author of the just released book The Elderberry Book: Forage, Cultivate, Prepare, Preserve. John is also the author of The Frugal Homesteader and the upcoming book DIY Sourdough

For a bush that has been around for tens of thousands of years, what do you think is sparking the latest revival in its popularity?

A number of things. First, the continued growing interest in natural foods and medicines, along with the growing body of research on the dangers of conventional foods and medicines. Second, the rich history of the elder and its long track record of use for all sorts of ills and ailments. Third, its usefulness and beauty. There are just few plants quite like the elder that offer so many practical benefits in a single place.

What is your personal favourite way to consume elder?

I love using some of our Abby’s Elderberry syrup to as part of glazes on meats like pork and chicken.  

Can you use elderflowers in the same recipes as elderberry?

The flowers are sometimes used in the same recipes as the berries (like in wines and other fermented drinks), but some uses for each stand alone - like elderflower fritters.  

Winning Giveaway Question

With so many great questions this week, we chose a winner form both Facebook and Instagram!

My 10 year old son is a wood turner. We have 2, 3 year old Elder and are constantly taking cuttings. He asked me yesterday how long he would have to wait to make something out of elder wood. He wants to make wands.

So, traditional people often heat dried the wood, as the cyanide turns into a gas at temperatures greater than 80s. You can also dry the wood on rocks, another traditional drying technique, on warm sunny days to remove the cyanide.

What is the most marvelous thing about elderberry?! I love how easy it grows from cuttings

In my opinion the most marvelous thing about this plant is it’s deep and rich history.

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