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The Most Important Job in Farming

In Farm the City, Michael Ableman, takes his experiences building Sole Food Street Farms to create a guide to setting up and running an urban farm. Sole Food Street Farms is one of the largest urban agriculture enterprises in North America.

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Microaggression or Compliment?

Today's post is an excerpt from Crystal Byrd Farmer’s new book The Token: Common Sense Ideas for Creating Diversity in Your Organization. Crystal acts as the bridge between majority white organizations who acknowledge the need for diversity but don’t know where to start.

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Harness the Power of Permaculture to Redesign Your Life for Resilient Living

In Human Permaculture: Life Design for Resilient Living, authors Bernard Alonso and Cecile Guiochon use the principles of permaculture and apply them to redesigning your life and community to align with the resources available on the planet. In today’s blog we reflect on permaculture ethics and how they relate to human permaculture and allow us to put our talents at the service of the environment

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In The Token: Common Sense Ideas for Creating Diversity in Your Organization, your new token Black friend, Crystal Byrd Farmer, acts as the bridge between majority white organizations that are dedicated to social justice and affirmative action and the diverse people in community they want to recruit.


Crystal Byrd Farmer

Crystal Byrd Farmer is an engineer turned educator, organizer, and speaker who focuses on cohousing, Black, and polyamorous communities. She serves on the Editorial Review Board of Communities Magazine and is passionate about encouraging people to change their perspectives on diversity, relationships, and the world. She lives in Gastonia, NC.


How to Bring Diversity to Your Organization

Crystal Byrd Farmer, author of The Token Common Sense Ideas for Increasing Diversity in Your Organization shares her experience and insight about how to bring diversity to your organization.

Hosts: The Alliance for Self-Directed Education and New Society Publishers.
Date: Tuesday, Oct 13
Time: 4-5:30pm

Poly Dallas Millennium Open to Love

Crystal Byrd Farmer, author of The Token Common Sense Ideas for Increasing Diversity in Your Organization shares lessons from a 'Token'.

Hosts: Poly Dallas Millennium
Date: Friday, Nov 6
Cost: $75

Wednesdays: Aging Successfully Online Workshops (Study Group 1)

If you are interested in facilitating a change in attitude and seeing proactive results in your community, this is your chance. In our years of experience, we have found that the more trained SG1 facilitators there are in one area, the more momentum and support each has to create senior cohousing for themselves and others. In the vein of creating community, the training is about creating a web of resources for everyone to take advantage of.

Book: Senior Cohousing Handbook
Author: Charles R. Durrett

Date: Wednesday, Oct 7th 2020 to Dec 9th 2020
Time: 9:30 am - 12:30 pm PST

Hosted by: Charles R. Durrett

Thursdays - Free Wellness Group

Join Dr. Mari Swingle, author of i-Minds: How and Why Constant Connectivity is Rewiring Our Brains and What to Do About it, every Thursday during the COVID pandemic.

Free Wellness Group
Sharing, Q & A followed by
Relaxation Exercises & Guided Imagery

Date: Thursdays
9pm EST / 6pm PST


Celebrating 40 Years of Publishing Books for a World of Change

New Society Publishers is proud to be celebrating 40 years of activist, solutions-oriented publishing.

From our roots in nonviolent civil disobedience training during the Vietnam war, to the present, we have published over 600 books, some across a dozen languages. We continue to work to bring positive solutions and cutting edge ideas to some of the most troubling challenges of our time.

Reflections on 40 Years from Authors, Staff and Colleagues

"...Congratulations on an impressive anniversary!..." - Emily Johnson

"... I want them to be my publisher too!” And now they have published 3 of my books..." - Cecile Andrews

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Gathering the Threads: A History of New Society