Culture Gap

Towards a New World in the Yalakom Valley

An absorbing account of a lifestyle emblematic of a time, Culture Gap also shows, from her own older perspective, a young mother’s struggles to reconcile her social ideals of personal and environmental responsibility, and loving and caring for those closest to her.

By: Judith Plant

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This fascinating memoir recounts two years of adventure, hardship, and life lessons as a woman moves her family to the Camelsfoot Commune in BC, Canada.

The time is the early 1980s. Judith Plant and her new partner, Kip, are ready for a change. Inspired by Fred Brown, their professor at Simon Fraser University, they join a commune in a remote valley near the Yalakom River, deep in Coast Mountains of British Columbia, Canada.

Culture Gap tells the story of Judith and Kip’s two-year sojourn. The challenges and privations, the joys and adventures of rural communal living, form the backdrop to a moving human drama. Judith’s son Willie takes to the new life, but Willie’s sisters feel the strong pull of the life they left behind. Meanwhile Fred, the inspiration for the commune, is dying of cancer.

An absorbing account of a lifestyle emblematic of a time, Culture Gap also shows a young mother’s struggle to reconcile her ideals and her responsibility to those closest to her.

About The Author(s)

Judith Plant is the Publisher Emeritus of New Society Publishers, the author of The Culture Gap, and co-editor of Healing the Wounds: the Promise of Ecofeminism and Home! A Bioregional Reader. She lived in Camelsfoot for two years in the early 1980’s with her children and her partner, Kip, and now lives on Gabriola Island, BC

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Book Specifications

ISBN: 9780865718852

Page Count: 112

Dimensions: 7 × 9.75 × 0.224 in

Publication Date: April 03, 2018

Audiobook Narrator: Judith Plant

Audiobook Length: 2:58:26

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