Homegrown City Life Series

You’d like to be self-sufficient, but the space you have available is tighter than your budget. If this sounds familiar, the Homegrown City Life Series was created just for you! Our authors bring country living to the city with big ideas for small spaces. Topics include cheesemaking, fermenting, gardening, composting and, more—everything you need to create your own homegrown city life!

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DIY Sourdough

John Moody, Jessica Moody

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The collection of books in the Homegrown City Life series
Homegrown City Life Collection

Karen McAthy, Bevin Cohen, Jessica Moody, John Moody, D.J. Herda, Jeff Lowenfels, Willoughby Arevalo, Andrea Potter, Meredith Leigh, Crystal Stevens, Jenni Blackmore

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Your Indoor Herb Garden

D.J. Herda

Original price was: $24.99 USD.Current price is: $16.25 USD.

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