The Aging of Aquarius

Igniting Passion and Purpose as an Elder

The Aging of Aquarius takes readers on a journey to find a new identity and passion and purpose in retirement. From gardening clubs to political campaigning, to social investing and creative work, it offers inspiration, practical steps, and resources.

By: Helen Wilkes

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Live your passion and purpose and change the world as an empowered elder.

Your career has wound down, the kids have moved, and your schedule is clear…for the next 30 years.

In your youth, you cared about people and planet earth, and you had grand visions of changing the world. At some point, those passions and that sense of purpose got buried under diapers and the 9-5. Still, that old you remains alive. Now, with the rest of your life ahead, you can be the change and make this next stage of your life the most powerful yet.

But where to start?

Helen Wilkes, a retired professor and activist, takes readers on an inspiring journey to find renewed purpose in retirement. Along the way she helps readers navigate the transition to a post-work identity by fanning the embers of lost passions and developing new interests.

Whether you are drawn to gardening clubs, to social justice issues, political campaigning, ethical investing, or creativity through the arts, The Aging of Aquarius offers inspiration, practical steps, and extra resources to help reignite your passion, your sense of purpose, and to effect real change in the world as an empowered elder.


  • GOLD | 2018 Nautilus Book Awards: Aging Consciously
  • BRONZE | 2018 Foreword INDIES: Self Help

About The Author(s)

Helen Wilkes, Ph.D, is an octogenarian who spent forty years teaching, researching, and delving deeply into the humanities. She survived a lifetime of hardships ranging from fleeing Nazi Germany in her childhood to personal and navigating professional obstacles in her adult years. Nevertheless, she persevered and created a richly rewarding life. Retirement has been the icing on her cake, bringing inner transformation and freedom. She sees retirement as a time to re-examine our values, re-assess the scope for action, and to strike off in new directions. Helen is author of the award-winning book Letters from the Lost , based on her family history. She is lives in Vancouver, Canada.

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Book Awards

GOLD | 2018 Nautilus Book Awards: Aging Consciously
BRONZE | 2018 Foreword INDIES: Self Help

Book Specifications

ISBN: 9780865718944

Page Count: 208

Dimensions: 6 × 9 × 0.416 in

Publication Date: September 11, 2018

Audiobook Narrator: Judith Plant

Audiobook Length: 5:27:54

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