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NEW SOCIETY BLOG — Plant Medicine

Interview with Bevin Cohen, author of The Artisan Herbalist

Today’s blog is an interview with Bevin Cohen, author of The Artisan Herbalist: Making Teas, Tinctures, and Oils at Home featuring our winning giveaway question!

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What is an Artisan Herbalist?

We’re excited about our latest title, The Artisan Herbalist, by Bevin Cohen. However, what exactly is an artisan herbalist? Today, Bevin Cohen explains what an artisan herbalist is, why he became one and how this book came to fruition.

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Preparing Herbal Tinctures

Many people use tinctures as a way to reap the medicinal benefits of herbs. Today on the blog, we take an excerpt from The Artisan Herbalist by Bevin Cohen, which briefly introduces tinctures and how you can prepare them in your home.

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Our History with the Elder - Food, Medicine, Crafts, and More

Today's blog is from the newly released, The Elderberry Book: Forage, Cultivate, Prepare, Preserve by John Moody. It is also part of our Homegrown City Life series where our authors bring country living to the city with big ideas for small spaces. Topics include cheesemaking, fermenting, gardening, composting and, more—everything you need to create your own homegrown city life! v

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