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NEW SOCIETY BLOG — From the Author

Your Better Sense of Nature

Jacob Rodenburg, author of The Book of Nature Connection, talks about the importance of nature and why we must use all of our senses if we want to gain a deeper connection with it.

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Understanding Power

For much of Richard Heinberg’s adult life, he’s been bothered by the questions of is it possible that we humans, or at least some of us, now enjoy too much of a good thing? Or is our problem merely that we don’t understand power very well and, therefore, misuse it? Today, he explores these questions and provides context for how we can better understand power.

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What is an Artisan Herbalist?

We’re excited about our latest title, The Artisan Herbalist, by Bevin Cohen. However, what exactly is an artisan herbalist? Today, Bevin Cohen explains what an artisan herbalist is, why he became one and how this book came to fruition.

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5 Steps to Launch A Food Business out of your Home Kitchen

Did you bake and give away cookie gifts this past holiday season with your friends and family saying “these are so yummy, you should sell them”? Do you have this secret dream of running your own food business from home? In today's blog Lisa Kivirist, co-author of Homemade for Sale gives 5 Steps to Launch A Food Business out of your Home Kitchen.

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Principle I: Practice Adaptive Leadership and Co-Management

Today we share the first principle from James Gruber’s new monthly series on the twelve guiding principles for building a healthier community. The series provides specific practical actions and tools from Building Community for local community leaders who are successfully confronting these challenging problems and are working with their communities to find solutions.

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It's All About Community

Today James Gruber, author of Building Community shares the story of Mill Hollow, the community where Gruber’s journey to writing his book all began. This story reminds us how a community can extend beyond one locality and be nurtured virtually.

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