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NEW SOCIETY BLOG — Food & Gardening

Rainwater Harvesting for Garden Irrigation

Our Acquisitions Editor, Rob West shares his experience in installing a rainwater harvesting system with a well top-up capacity, at his home on Gabriola Island, with the book Essential Rainwater Harvesting by Rob and Michelle Avis, of Verge Permaculture, as his guide.

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How Can I Garden if I Don’t Have Seeds or Plant Starts?

The question "How can I garden if I don't have seeds" has been coming up a lot and beginners and experienced gardeners alike look to take charge of their food supply. EJ Hurst, New Society Publishers Sales Manager, and a home gardener. shares some suggestions on how you can get on the garden path by raiding your own pantry.

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Companion Planting to Attract Beneficial Insects

Cindy Conner, the author of Grow a Sustainable Diet: Planning and Growing to Feed Ourselves and the Earth, shares tips on how to plant a sustainable garden with diverse plantings that attract beneficial insects, that will then feed on the not-so-beneficial ones, all without chemicals.

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