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Interview with Marlene G. Fine and Fern L. Johnson, authors of Let's Talk Race

Today’s blog features an interview with Marlene G. Fine and Fern L. Johnson, the authors of the just-released book Let’s Talk Race: A Guide for White People.

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Better Talk

Let's Talk Race: A guide for white people by Marlene G. Fine and Fern L. Johnson confronts why white people struggle to talk about race, why we need to own this problem, and how we can learn to do the work ourselves and stop expecting Black people to do it for us. Today on the blog, we take an excerpt from Chapter 6: Better Talk, in which Fine and Johnson suggest some guidelines to help white people better navigate conversations regarding race.

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Principle I: Practice Adaptive Leadership and Co-Management

Today we share the first principle from James Gruber’s new monthly series on the twelve guiding principles for building a healthier community. The series provides specific practical actions and tools from Building Community for local community leaders who are successfully confronting these challenging problems and are working with their communities to find solutions.

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It's All About Community

Today James Gruber, author of Building Community shares the story of Mill Hollow, the community where Gruber’s journey to writing his book all began. This story reminds us how a community can extend beyond one locality and be nurtured virtually.

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Interview with Zach Loeks author of The Edible Ecosystem

Today’s blog is an Interview with Zach Loeks, author of The Edible Ecosystem Solution: Growing Biodiversity in Your Backyard and Beyond featuring our winning giveaway question.

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