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Love and Compassion will Not be Canceled

We are globally united by the challenge to flatten the curve of the Covid19 Virus. Many of us are practicing social distancing, self-isolation, or are in quarantine. Depending on where you live, limits to your daily movements and activities may vary, but one thing is certain, this virus knows no borders.

We are reaching out to inform you as to how New Society Publishers is addressing the challenges of managing the safety of staff, and our community at large, in regards to Covid19, while at the same time ensuring we are able to continue to serve our customers, and deliver the high quality of books and information you have come to expect from us.

New Society Publishers is following the recommendations of the Government of Canada's Public Health Agency.

New Society Publishers has adopted a work-at-home policy for the foreseeable future. As New Society has nurtured a remote work environment for the past several years, the transition has been smooth. Meetings that have traditionally been conducted in the office will now take place remotely.

While phone calls to our office will not be answered directly, phone messages will be checked remotely throughout the day. For this reason we would encourage you to order online at or send queries to We do not anticipate delays in order processing or shipping at this time, but as the situation is constantly changing we will do our best to keep you up to date.

Our Printer is currently working at full capacity and our distributors continue to fulfill orders. We will be monitoring the situation closely and inform you of any changes in operations as they become relevant. Ebook orders are recommended as the most reliable option at this time.

New Society Publishers stands with you during this difficult and unprecedented time, having spent the past 40 years helping prepare for times like these, we won't stop now.

Please join us on our blog and social media in the upcoming days and weeks, as we share ideas, videos, excerpts, activities, and free ebooks,as we help build community in a time of segregation, grow gardens in times of scarcity, and find peace amidst the chaos.

We stand with you in this shared experience, and please remember that during these turbulent times love and compassion will not be canceled.

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