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What do I need to know to design a rainwater harvesting system?

Over the past few years, many people have been looking to rainwater harvesting systems to help ease the anxiety of unreliable weather. If this has been something you've been dreaming of adding to your property, Michelle and Rob Avis outline everything you need to get started. Essential Rainwater Harvesting: A Guide to Home-Scale System Design is a comprehensive manual for designing, building, and maintaining water harvesting systems for the warm and cold climates of the world. If you are still in the dreaming phase, this excerpt might help you understand what questions you need to ask and have answered before you start designing your dream rainwater catchment system. Remember all titles* between November 16-23 are 50% off for our 2023 Holiday Sale! Use code Dream50 at checkout! So go ahead, and start that dream project. Our books can show you how!

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Ideas for At-Home Holiday Fun: Winter Scavenger Hunt for Kids

At one point, we all need to get up and take a break from reading. Even the most prolific readers eventually must stretch their legs. Why not learn while you exercise with this great activity from The Big Book of Nature Activities: A Year-Round Guide to Outdoor Learning? Fight the urge to stay inside for all of winter by looking to this book for ideas to get outside and learn. The Big Book of Nature Activities is a guide to help parents, educators, and caretakers ensure children can explore the natural world. Today, we look at how the authors have adapted a nature scavenger hunt to work for winter. The winter scavenger hunt helps to teach children to think about and identify changes that many organisms undergo to help them survive winter.

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The Easiest Recipe for Walnut Ricotta Ever!

Altering your favourite holiday dishes to make them dairy-free, vegan, or vegetarian might not be as difficult as you think. In The Art of Plant-Based Cheesemaking, Karen McAthy shares vegan recipes for many of your favourite (formerly dairy-based) cheeses. It doesn’t require a lot of preparation or effort, and will satisfy even the biggest cheese lovers. Don’t believe us? Try out her recipe for Walnut Ricotta and see for yourself. Remember all titles* between November 16-24 are 50% off for our 2023 Holiday Sale! Use the code Dream50 at checkout!

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Mark Roseland is Professor and Director Emeritus, School of Community Resources and Development at ASU, Senior Global Futures Scientist at Global Futures Laboratory, and Professor Emeritus at SFU. A Registered Professional Planner, Dr. Roseland lectures widely and advises communities and governments on sustainable development policy and planning.

Margaret Stout is Professor of Public Administration at West Virginia University. Her research explores the role of public and nonprofit practitioners in achieving social, economic, and environmental justice and sustainability. She is internationally recognized for her contributions to the field of public administration and governance studies.

Maria Spiliotopoulou has a PhD in sustainable community development viewed through the lens of holistic, regenerative sustainability. She is a lifelong learner, passionate about sustainability action and regenerative and sustainable systems education, and strives to help create regenerative and sustainable societies.


How Does French Market Gardening Influence Current Gardening Techniques?

Throughout time farmers everywhere have found solutions to extend their harvest and growing season. It feels like a dream that someone could enjoy fresh snow and fresh produce simultaneously, yet Jean-Martin Fortier and Catherine Sylvestre have done just that and now you can too!

5 Questions with New Society Publishers

New Society Publishers EJ Hurst (Sales Manager) and Julie Raddysh (Publisher) were interviewed by BookNet Canada for their "5 Questions with Series" of publishers going green

Digging Deeper with Jean-Martin Fortier

Building on years of research, experimentation, and collaboration, The Winter Market Gardener is a beautifully illustrated practical guide to winter vegetable production for small farmers growing in northern climates.