The Fruit Grower’s Compendium

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By: Blake Cothron, Lee Reich

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The Berry Grower

The Berry Grower is an innovative guide for small-scale growing and marketing of organic fruits and berries. Covers planning and strategy, organic soil care, profiles of profitable small fruits, cultivar selection, planting, organic weed and pest management, marketing strategies, and interviews with successful growers.


Pawpaws is an in-depth guide to growing and marketing North America's forgotten native fruit at small commercial orchard scale. Coverage includes selecting cultivars, orchard planning, propagating, organic growing, pest management, harvesting, marketing, and value-added products.

Growing Figs in Cold Climates

Growing Figs in Cold Climates is a complete full-color, illustrated guide to growing figs in cold climates. Written by gardening expert Lee Reich, coverage includes pruning techniques, cultivar selection for different climates, overwintering, pests, harvesting, and small-scale commercial production.

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Master the art of cultivating unique fruits with The Fruit Grower’s Compendium. This bundle, featuring ‘The Berry Grower,’ ‘Pawpaws,’ and ‘Growing Figs in Cold Climates,’ provides expert advice and practical techniques for growing a diverse array of delicious fruits. Whether you’re an experienced gardener or just starting out, this collection offers invaluable guidance to help you achieve a bountiful and fruitful harvest.

About The Author(s)

Lee Reich, PhD, dove into gardening decades ago, initially with one foot in academia as an agricultural scientist with the USDA and then Cornell University, and one foot in the field, the organic field. He eventually expanded his field to a “farmden” (more than a garden, less than a farm) and left academia to lecture, consult, and write. He is author of many books, including The Ever Curious GardenerWeedless GardeningThe Pruning Book, and Landscaping with Fruit, as well as a syndicated column for Associated Press. Lee has a PhD in Horticulture from the University of Maryland, and an MS in Soil Science and a BA in Chemistry from the University of Wisconsin. He blogs at from his farmden in New Paltz, NY.

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Blake Cothron is an organic farmer, nurseryman, writer, musician, and speaker, with over 20 years’ experience in organic agriculture, botany, horticulture, and growing food. He is the co-owner and co-operator of Peaceful Heritage Nursery, a 4-acre USDA Certified Organic research farm, orchard, and edible plant nursery. Author of Pawpaws: The Complete Growing and Marketing Guide, he has also written for Permaculture Design magazine and various online publications. Blake has an educational blog and YouTube channel devoted to fruit growing, and he is an educator with the Organic Association of Kentucky. He divides his time between farming, research, writing, beekeeping, gardening, travel, yoga, meditation, and being a husband and father in beautiful Kentucky.

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