Embracing Hope, Taking Action, and Transforming the World

Changemakers is the guidebook for people aiming to create a just and ecological society. We hold the power to make personal changes that can drive local changes and tip into large-scale social transformation. Explores transformative learning and presents stories of people who transformed their lives, communities, and wider society.

By: Fay Weller, Mary Wilson

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A practical guidebook for ordinary people who want to create a new society now—by a community organizer and expert in transformative change.

With so many crises in the news, it’s easy to feel helpless about the fate of the world. But if we embrace hope and take action, we have the power to make a positive change. Personal actions can drive local movements that cascade into large-scale social transformation. In Changemakers, activist and community organizer Fay Weller his is the guidebook for ordinary people who want to create a new society now.

Weller explores the concept of transformative change, the difference it makes in the world, and how it is connected to learning. From creating a citizen-powered community bus service, to winning the right to local food, to women hand-sculpting their own houses, she shares powerful stories of everyday people who have challenged the status quo and transformed their lives, their communities, and society overall.

Changemakers also provides a workbook to guide people, wherever they are, through the process of catalyzing change.

About The Author(s)

Mary Wilson has a longstanding interest in learning and communication for social change. She has worked for two decades as a facilitator, instructor, researcher, and instructional designer, and holds a Ph.D. in education. As a student of Buddhism, Mary is fascinated by the Boddhisatvas – metaphorical enlightened beings who embody wisdom, compassion, and practice. She sees the combination of wisdom, compassion, and practice as central to learning, and central to our collective efforts to live in harmony on our finite planet. An active participant in her Gabriola Island, BC community, Mary lives with her partner, her 92-year-old mother, and several critters. She and her partner are simultaneously caring for her mom, restoring a ramshackle island home, developing a permaculture food forest, and building an engineless catamaran.

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Fay Weller is a community organizer, homesteader, researcher, and artist. She has focused on broad systemic change in her work and activism, and holds a PhD focused on social transformation. Fay loves the creative spark when working on new community ideas that increase ecological and just choices for citizens. She is engaged in numerous collaborative initiatives from a local bus service to sustainability planning, to affordable, low-impact heating. She nurtures, grows, and sells apples, eggs, and vegetables, and creates clothing from handmade fabrics. Fay has two adult children and a granddaughter. She and her partner Bob live on their Gabriola Island, BC farm with Yu and Mi, their two sheep, and numerous chickens.

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Book Specifications

ISBN: 9780865718753

Page Count: 208

Dimensions: 6 × 9 × 0.384 in

Publication Date: June 05, 2018

Images: Black & White Images

Audiobook Narrator: Cherlandra Estrada

Audiobook Length: 6:00:00

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