Beyond Contempt

How Liberals Can Communicate Across the Great Divide

Liberal contempt for Trump supporters is exacerbating the political and cultural rift tearing America apart. Beyond Contempt shows progressives how to communicate respectfully and effectively across the great political divide, defusing hostility, building trust, and, just maybe, discovering common ground.

By: Erica Etelson

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A guide to productive dialogue across ideological divides with practical tools for building trust, defusing hostility, and approaching hot-button topics.

With the election of President Biden, many liberals thought that the world of political discourse would somehow go back to normal. But the continued extremism of Republican politicians and conservative pundits has only stoked the flames of progressive disdain in ways that make it harder than ever to engage in civil debate.

In Beyond Contempt, Erica Etelson shows us how to communicate effectively across the political divide without soft-pedaling our beliefs—or playing into the hands of divisive politicians. Using Powerful Non-Defensive Communication skill sets, we can express ourselves in ways that inspire open-minded consideration instead of triggering defensive reactions. With detailed instruction and helpful examples, Etelson demonstrates how we can open hearts and minds in unexpected ways.

About The Author(s)

Erica Etelson is a writer, community activist, and certified Powerful Non-Defensive Communication™ facilitator. A former human rights attorney, she has advocated in support of welfare recipients, prisoners, indigenous peoples, immigrants, and environmental activists. She has also organized for clean, community-owned energy as a solution to the climate crisis. Following the 2016 election, Etelson became active in the resistance movement and in red-blue dialogue initiatives.  Her articles have appeared in the San Francisco ChronicleChristian Science MonitorSan Jose Mercury NewsTruthout and Alternet. She lives with her husband and son in Berkeley, California.

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Book Specifications

ISBN: 9780865719170

Page Count: 240

Dimensions: 6 × 9 × 0.48 in

Publication Date: December 10, 2019

Audiobook Narrator: Erica Etelson

Audiobook Length: 7:06:00

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