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Kids in the Garden: Developing Skills for a Sustainable Future

by: Catherine J. on 07/27/2012
Posted in: Gardening

Kids love dirt—digging in it, throwing it, tasting it and sitting in it. And there is plenty of time left this summer to use that natural inclination for creating important learning moments. When my colleague’s son was six, he took his nine-year-old friend out to the garden to look for snacks and as they pulled carrots the friend held up a …

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Make Your Garden Count

by: Heather on 09/16/2010
Posted in: Gardening

In Gardening When It Counts Steve Solomon describes traditional low-input gardening methods which can be used to establish a highly productive, drought-resistant food garden with minimal cash outlay. Subtitled Growing Food in Hard Times, Steve's book has become one of our perennial bestsellers, perhaps because it strikes a chord with readers eager …

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Tweeting Plants

by: EJ on 09/04/2009
Posted in: Gardening

Finally, a truly useful tweet! I use Twitter as part of my marketing responsibilities but I must say, I have been slow to warm to this use of technology. A discovery today has re-inspired me.

Sadly, the plants in our office often have to resort to dropping leaves onto our keyboards in order to attract attention to the increasingly desert-like …

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Spring! And some gardening books...

by: Heather on 03/11/2008
Posted in: Gardening

The temperature is climbing, the birds are singing, the clocks have sprung forward, and it's finally time to start thinking about coming out of hibernation. (Unless of course you're reading this in Eastern Canada or the Northeastern US, in which case you might still have a few weeks to go.)

If you're starting to experience spring fever, we have …

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Guest Post - Stephen Morris

by: Heather on 10/11/2007
Posted in: Gardening

Monday was Thanksgiving in Canada - a time for reflecting on our harvest bounty and therefore the ideal time for this guest post sent in by Stephen Morris, excerpted from The New Village Green. Thanks Stephen!

Famous Last Words

Part I-Spring

Next year in the garden I won't plant my seeds too early just because I am excited by a warm day in April. I will wear a long sleeve shirt while pruning roses, raspberries, and blackberries. I will open seed packets the right way so that they reseal. I won't just rip off the tops, then wonder why my pockets are filled with spilled seed.

Next year in the garden I will read the instructions before planting the seeds. That is, I will read the instructions IF I remember my reading glasses. Gardening is yet one more activity that now requires those damn things.

Next year in the garden I won't read the newspapers as I lay down the mulch, and I will take off my muddy boots before coming into the kitchen.

I won't shout "Ignition!" when I see the first green dots of germination. I won't pump my first and say "Yes!" when green shoots of garlic poke through the hay. I will take it in stride, with the right stuff of a master gardener.

Next year in the garden I will keep detailed records of what I do, when, and where. I won't mark planted rows with little sticks and kid myself that I will remember what I planted.

And I won't plant too many zucchini, or too few. I promise.

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