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Author Ilsa Govan

Ilsa Govan has extensive experience as an anti-racist facilitator, consultant, leadership coach, and activist. As co-founder of Cultures Connecting, she has helped countless organizations put their vision of racial equity into practice. Her facilitation superpower is guiding white people in examining how we've internalized racism in our assumptions and actions. She lives in Seattle, Washington.


llsa Govan and Tilman Smith, authors of What's Up with White Women? Unpacking Sexism and White Privilege in Pursuit of Racial Justice, explain the "Karen" phenomena and how it is at the intersection of sexism and white privilege.

Describing how white women act out and use their proximity to institutions and systems run by white men to exert power and control over black bodies. They explain how "hurt people, hurt people" and how white women can do the work to overcome their past experience with sexism to heal and uplift all women.


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