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Earth Day 2023

It’s Earth Day today! Widely considered to be the largest secular observance in the world, in its 53-year history, Earth Day has mobilized and motivated over a billion people to stand up for our precious home.


This year’s Earth Day theme is Invest in our Planet. To celebrate, we’re having a 40% off sale from April 22 until April 30 on all book formats. There are many ways to help Invest In Our Planet, whether it’s being a conscious consumer, learning more about what a green economy looks like, or direct action on projects you're passionate about -- every action matters.

If you’re looking to learn more about politics, start your own garden, or learn what steps can be taken to create a lighter footprint on our planet, we have a title for that!

Earth Day is a great reminder that small actions can make a big difference – especially when millions of people get involved.

Here’s a great list of suggested activities to do for Earth Day, from

Check out Earth Day events near you, and join this growing movement to demand change in how we treat our planet.

Save 40% on all titles until April 30th with code Spring40
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