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While we spend lots of time thinking about climate change and positive solutions for troubled times at New Society Publishers, we’re also always keen to celebrate and collectively consider how we might create a more just, equitable, and cleaner future for all. 

This year the theme for Earth Day is Planet Vs. Plastics. The Earth Day Organization is using today to help spread awareness on the absolute need to find better material solutions than plastic. In fact, they are demanding a 60% reduction on the production of ALL plastics by 2040. If you want to read more about their mandate and demands, check out their website here.

If you’d like to learn more about the companies you buy from, and how they rank with their plastics usage, you can check out the latest report from Break Free From Plastic, or audit your own bin to see where you can reduce your plastic buying. Most of us don’t have much say in how goods are produced and packaged, but we all have some say in what we choose to buy.

Getting to zero-plastic, zero-carbon, and zero-waste is an unattainable goal for most people, so instead today we’re adopting the Sami Grover approach to climate advocacy — acknowledging that we are all climate hypocrites, and no single person is the PERFECT climate activist. Whether your activism is in the form of buying less plastic-covered herb packages and growing your own, making your own tinctures at home, learning about carbon and how to reduce your carbon footprint, taking public transport, or bringing your own takeaway cup to get coffee — we’re cheering you on!

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