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James S. Gruber, PhD, PE, is Director of the PhD Program in Environmental Studies at Antioch University New England, a member of the IUCN Council for Environmental Economic and Social Policy, and a recent delegate to the UN Environmental Assembly in Nairobi, Kenya. He has consulted for governments and NGOs in the US, Eastern Europe, South America, and Africa on environmental issues and local governance, focusing on citizen empowerment in developing and implementing policy and programs. His work over the past three decades as a consultant, solar and environmental engineer, town manager, and university professor has had a strong focus on local citizen engagement and facilitating positive adaptive change in local communities. He resides in Alstead, New Hampshire.


In this interview James Gruber and Oliver Goshey talk about some of the important considerations when first approaching a community based project. Jim outlines many of the key steps that nearly all of the case studies he’s seen have in common and are not to be skipped if long term success is what you’re after, and he shares inspiring anecdotes from his facilitation role and observations of this process unfolding organically in different places.


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