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Bevin Cohen is an author, herbalist, gardener, seed saver, and educator. He is the owner of Small House Farm, a sustainable herb farm in central Michigan, offering a full line of herbal wellness products crafted from herbs that are grown or gathered from the wild and oils that are cold-pressed at the homestead. The products are sold across the US and have been featured in numerous magazines. Cohen offers workshops and lectures nationwide on the benefits of living closer to the land through seeds, herbs, and locally grown food. He is the author of From Our Seeds & Their Keepers and Saving Our Seeds. He serves on the boards of the International Herb Association, the Slow Food Ark of Taste Seed Bank, and the advisory council for the Community Seed Network. He lives in Sanford, Michigan.


Book Introduction

In this video Bevin Cohen talks about his new book The Complete Guide to Seed & Nut Oils: Growing, Foraging and Pressing, and how you can press your own right at home.

The Complete Guide to Seed and Nut Oils is a full-color, illustrated guide to growing, foraging, and pressing over 40 nut and seed crops to produce high-quality oils for culinary and other uses.


Author Event

Learn about growing, foraging, and pressing nut and seed crops to produce high-quality oils for culinary and other uses.

Press your own right at home – homemade oils for cooking and health. Join herbalist and author Bevin Cohen in this one-hour workshop on growing, foraging and pressing your own seed and nut oils at home.


Book Introduction

From urban apartments to wild countryside, The Artisan Herbalist: Making Teas, Tinctures, and Oils at Home, teaches how to identify, grow, harvest, forage, and craft 38 herbs into an assortment of teas, tinctures, creams, and salves to be used at home, shared with friends, or sold at market.


Author Event

Join herbalist and author Bevin Cohen for a virtual afternoon of herbal exploration. Discover the benefits of various cultivated and foraged herbs and explore why developing a relationship with our herbal allies is more important now than ever before. Learn more about the histories and uses of many herbs as well as the basics of crafting a number of herbal wellness products in this fun and informative presentation.



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