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Kayzor Sports

Kayzor is the ideal solution for innovative sportsbook business. Based in Europe our team of
tech and business experts have developed sportsbook management software for use in a
variety of applications:

- Web App provides a front-end portal for users and staff to access their accounts on either
mobile or PC devices. Users can view gambling evens and betting data in any language
allowing gamblers to enter foreign markets easily.

- Admin App makes it easy for staff and admins to manage all sportsbook betting and user
activity. Our Admin App grants real-time control over every aspect of your betting market with
instant changes to odds and betting systems.

- Reports App lets users analyse betting data and finance charts to better estimate the winning
potential on the sportsbook.

- Betshop lets to operate in betshops by placing tickets through thermal printer.

We supply ongoing technical support to assist you in creating your sportsbook application or
betting platform. Our service at Kayzor is always professional and honest and we will not be
satisfied until your sportsbook project is successful, so we will be with you every step of the way!

We are also actively looking for investors and partners to work with for further software and
hardware development as we believe sharing knowledge is beneficial for everyone.

Purchase our standard sportsbook package today for a suitable service for any organisation.
Alternatively if you are a start-up interested in betting platform services we have an alternate
package specifically to endorse start up initiatives for maximum income. For full rights and
control over user activity and betting we offer the enterprise package. We suggest any serious
sportsbook endeavours take the opportunity for unlimited functionality with the enterprise

Take a look at our website http://www.Kayzor.com or contact us to take your project to the next level.

Email: info@kayzor.com

Skype: sportsbookprojectmanager

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