Jobs plan closer to home

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Melissa Everett

From your perspective, what would a US jobs plan look like, that would help you the most in your personal career advancement?

Saturday 17 September 2011 06:44:37 am

EJ Hurst

I think that a job plan the puts $'s into the green economy and gives tax incentives to employers/companies to hire in green industries would be a good start.

Wednesday 21 September 2011 01:44:13 pm

M. Elaine Sunderland

I think more money needs to go back into the school systems.

Ever since No Child Left Behind, emphasis has been put on testing. These tests determine the federal funding that schools get. So students are being taught tests. This is an entirely different issue, but related.

I would love to work with school children, helping them create their own organic gardens, and teaching them more about food and the environment. Getting kids curious is the best way to educate them. And kids are most curious about what they can get their hands on and immerse themselves in! More funding needs to go into schools again, so that there is less pressure to preform well on tests, and more being put into immersion learning.

Thursday 22 September 2011 02:07:19 am

Michael Stokes

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Monday 21 January 2019 03:18:54 am