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Composting Questions Answered

In this interview, Robert Pavlis, author of Compost Science for Gardeners answers some interesting questions about composting, including a question that was asked by a reader on social media.

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Climate Grief

As author Andrew Boyd demonstrates, we must go through a grieving process in order to move forward on climate issues. But how do we do that? And are we even sure what, exactly, we’re grieving? In this excerpt from I Want a Better Catastrophe, Boyd begins to unpack this tangled-up topic.

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How does composting affect climate change?

In Compost Science for Gardeners, author Robert Pavlis offers a science-based approach to help home gardeners choose the best method for their situation. For today’s blog, Robert looks at the climate benefits of home composting. Does composting create CO2? The short answer is yes, but composting correctly ensures that the majority of that CO2 isn’t released into the air.

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Author Interview with John Ivanko and Lisa Kivirist

Today’s blog is an Interview with John Ivanko and Lisa Kivirist, authors of Homemade for Sale, Second Edition, featuring a question that was asked by a reader on social media.

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The Benefits of Composting

Robert Pavlis, author of Plant Science for Gardeners, talks about the topic of gardening and how to do it in the context of climate change.

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Chinese New Year 2023 - The Year of the Rabbit

January 22 marks the beginning of Chinese New Year with the first new moon of the lunar year, and ends 15 days later on February 1st, the full moon. Though this celebration is probably most familiarly known as the Chinese New Year, it is also celebrated as new year or spring festivals by many other Asian cultures.

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Garden Dreams in Winter

For most gardeners – and aspiring gardeners – winter is the perfect time to start planning and dreaming about next year’s garden. Whether it’s a few pots on a balcony, or a tiny backyard bed, a community garden plot, or even a small market garden, it’s exciting to think about spring and new plants, and delicious homegrown food.

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Staying Warm for Less

It’s a Chilly Time of Year (in the Northern Hemisphere) As the year winds down, the days get shorter – and colder – and many of us are spending more time inside at home than usual. This time of year can bring festivities, much-needed quiet time, or a restorative mix of both. Unfortunately, it’s also likely to bring soaring heating costs.

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Rise and Shine!

One of the best things about holidays can be the gift of time – time to take it slow, savor each moment, and nourish the soul and the body. And instead of the hurried bite of toast or bowl of granola, slower times let us create and enjoy truly memorable meals, especially leisurely breakfasts. A warm, hearty breakfast on a cold morning is the perfect way to start the day.

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Starting a Home-based Food Business

'Homemade for Sale, Second Edition' is the authoritative guide to launching a successful food enterprise from your kitchen. Available soon for purchase, It covers everything you need to get cooking for your customers, providing a clear road map to go from ideas and recipes to owning a food business.

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Vegan Hot Cocoa with Whipped Cream and a decadent Irish Cream

Today's recipes include a vegan hot cocoa with whipped cream from Hollyhock: Garden to Table and an Irish Cream from Farmsted Chef.

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Turmeric Cardamom Fizz Recipe

Looking for a fun recipe to enjoy this holiday season? DIY Kombucha offers several recipes to help you brew kombucha, Jun, wild-fermented sodas, and even water kefir. This accessible and highly visual how-to guide shows how sparkling homebrews are possible for just about anyone to make, and fun to do, too. Today’s recipe is for a Turmeric Cardamom Fizz, which is delicious & medicinally beneficial.

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Crackers, Caramel Corn and Christmas

In today’s Holiday Sale blog, Deborah Niemann, author of Ecothrifty: Cheaper, Greener Choices for a Happier, Healthier Life., offers up delicious Homemade Crackers recipe and a sweet treat of Caramel Corn.

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Crumpets - From No-Knead to Sourdough

In Victoria Redhed Millers new book, From No-Knead to Sourdough: A Simper Approach to Handmade Bread she shows us how to create delicious, healthy breads in our own kitchen, no experience necessary.

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Planting a “Forever Forest”

This holiday season, we’re inviting readers to make, share, observe, and enjoy the gifts of a slowed down, mindful season. To start us off, author Sami Grover (We’re All Climate Hypocrites Now) shares a creative way he’s helping his kids learn the power of incremental change, using a unique holiday gift idea.

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