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Companion Planting Your Herbs

If you don't have a large garden, there are still plenty of plants that you can grow in your home. Growing herbs indoors leads the list of the healthiest and most useful indoor activities we can do. And they're tasty! Today, we take an excerpt from the book, Your Indoor Herb Garden: Growing and Harvesting Herbs at Home by DJ Herda on companion planting, why it's beneficial for your plants.

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Important Differences Between Organic vs. Conventional No-Till

Farming without tilling has long been the goal of agriculture. The Organic No-Till Farming Revolution: High-Production Methods for Small-Scale Farmers offers a farmer-developed roadmap showing how no-till lowers barriers to starting a small farm. Today on the blog, in celebration of our Spring Sale we have an excerpt from The Organic No-Till Farming Revolution, by Andrew Mefferd.

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A Quick and Easy Way to Hasten Spring

Have you started your garden already? Our Spring Sale has us excited to take our long-awaited gardening plans to the garden beds. Today we have an excerpt from The Ever Curious Gardener: Using a Little Natural Science for a Much Better Garden by Lee Reich, one of the books featured in our Spring Sale. Today, Reich gives us a quick way to hasten spring!

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Design Perennial Gardens to Serve Local Ecosystems

We’re excited to be kicking off our Spring Gardening Sale. On the blog, we have an excerpt from Climate-Wise Landscaping: Practical Actions for a Sustainable Future by Susan Reed and Ginny Stibolt, one of the books featured in our Spring Sale! Today, Reed and Stibolt explain how to design a perennial garden that serves your local ecosystem.

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Better Talk

Let's Talk Race: A guide for white people by Marlene G. Fine and Fern L. Johnson confronts why white people struggle to talk about race, why we need to own this problem, and how we can learn to do the work ourselves and stop expecting Black people to do it for us. Today on the blog, we take an excerpt from Chapter 6: Better Talk, in which Fine and Johnson suggest some guidelines to help white people better navigate conversations regarding race.

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