Eight Ways You Can Save Money by Building a Tiny Home

by: Sara on 04/15/2019

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Today we leave you with Eight Was You Can Save Money by Building a Tiny Home, from the new book by Pat Foreman, A Tiny Home To Call Your Own: Living Well in Just-Right Houses.

1. Land Preparation. One of the first ways you can save money is on land preparation. It is entirely possible to build one of these little houses on piers that are dug by hand or with a post-hole digger attachment on a farm tractor.

2. Fewer Building Materials. A second big way we can save money with a tiny house is in the overall cost of the building materials. It simply does not take that many boards, nails, windows, and doors to build an honest little house.

3. Small Appliances. Appliances don’t have to be full-size or extraordinarily expensive. Even if you add an energy-efficient washer and dryer you can buy all the appliances you need for less than the full-sized versions.

4. Smaller Heating and Cooling Systems. In many instances you won’t need central heating and air conditioning. You can get by very nicely with a small vented propane fireplace for heat and a window air conditioner for cooling, especially if you have designed and situated your little house to take advantage of passive solar heating and cooling. In a more elaborate scenario you can use a through-the-wall heat pump, which both heats and cools, depending on your needs.

For someone who really wants to have the feel of a warm home, a small woodburning stove with a glass front that allows you to see the flames is a nice touch. We prefer to elevate the wood stove approximately two feet in order to have storage beneath and so we have a more direct view of the flames.

5. Smaller Bathroom(s). Since you will probably have only one bathroom, you can splurge a bit on the fixtures. Insteadof just an ordinary tub, you can look at putting in one of the whirlpool tubs, and justify the cost as well-body maintenance.

A soothing whirlpool bath can do wonders for massaging sore and aching muscles and for relieving stress.

6. Outdoor Shower. You might also consider adding an outdoor shower for use in the warmer weather. There is something positively energizing about a hot shower in the open air with the sun or moon shining down. A stylish enclosure made with decay-resistant wood can be very attractive and pleasing.

7. Safe DIY Home Maintenance. Because your tiny house will be only one or two stories high, you may be more courageous to climb up and do the maintenance chores that you might otherwise have to hire someone else to do on a fullsize house, for example, cleaning gutters, washing windows, or painting the house.

8. Less Painting Inside and Out. Painting is much easier and faster on a tiny house — and practically painless if you only do one side each year. Cleaning gutters, trimming shrubs, tending flowers in the window boxes, all require much less of your time when the house is smaller and has fewer shrubs and window boxes.


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