The Ever Curious Gardener Lee Reich Answers Your Questions

by: EJ on 03/15/2018

The Ever Curious Gardener: Using a Little Natural Science for a Much Better Garden by Lee Reich is just off press.  We asked readers on our Facebook and Instagram to suggest questions for Lee to answer in today's blog.  Here is what we found out:


What is your most unusual gardening tip?

Tip is: Don’t worry. If you grow a variety of fruits and vegetable, successes will more than offset any losses. And even then, predation by insects, various diseases, the vagaries of the weather — all this does make gardening interesting.

What is your biggest success story in the garden?

Blueberries. I’ve never NOT reaped a full harvest from y 16 plants, in spite of some seasons with late frosts, some with long periods of rain, one year of 17-year cicadas, and, most recently, the dreaded spotted wing drosophila. By the way, I grow them organically and consistently reap almost 200 quarts each season from those 16 plants.


If a person had time to make just one improvement to how they garden, what would you suggest?

Water correctly. Not too much or too little. Check drainage and improve, if necessary. Add organic materials. Monitor water input. Etc. (All spelled out in The Ever Curious Gardener.)

What is your favourite plant to grow and why? 

Blueberries, for beauty, for ease, for health, and for taste. (They also were the subject of the research for my doctoral degree.)

Do bees pollinate tomatoes?

Yes! But there is a more in depth answer coming...




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