The Wisdom of Yogi Berra, The Secret to Partying, and More!

by: EJ on 12/11/2017

Bruce King, author of the newly released The New Carbon Architecture: Building to Cool the Climate, promises to share many things with us in his new book.  In this joyful guest post, he shares the good news - the good climate news - of how buildings can be more than net zero and can actually extract carbon from the atmosphere.

Looking for some good climate news, a compelling story, and the perfect Christmas present all in one? Look no further --The New Carbon Architecture is out!  The subtitle is Building to Cool the Climate, and that tells the best part:  to reverse climate disruption we need to pull carbon from the air and store it somewhere.  Injecting it underground isn’t looking all that promising, but the built environment is huge and growing;  imagine a building made of sky, made from the carbon we extracted from the air and turned into useful materials.  Now imagine millions of those buildings, and we start to have real impact in the right direction.


This is an entirely new look at carbon, which will switch from a threat to a delightful and economic resource.  We can build higher, better, and more beautifully with wood than ever before—and still have healthy, vibrant forests.  We can make concrete that soaks up carbon rather than being one of the biggest emitters.  We’re learning from Nature to grow almost anything, like bricks, roofs and insulation.  The plastics that are sickening the oceans can be recovered and used as sheathing and insulation.   And the straw the farmer throws away is being rediscovered as insulation, wallcovering, and even artificial wood.

This is the fourth book by acclaimed author Bruce King;  between him and that other King author Stephen, they have sold over 350 million books worldwide!  With major contributions from 19 co-authors from seven countries, The New Carbon Architecture is an excited report from all over the world of some very good news.  Read it to get the report, and also get the history of the universe, the wisdom of Yogi Berra, the secret to partying, and more!  It has something for everyone, and, since most of us spend 90% of our time in buildings, speaks of something that very much affects us all.



Author Bruce King (centre) celebrates the release of his new book The New Carbon Architecture with six of the 19 co-authors in San Francisco.
(L to R) Frances Yang of Arup, Ann Edminster of the Net Zero Coalition, Larry Strain of Seigel & Strain Architects, Bruce King of the Ecological Building Network, Wes Sullens of the US Green Building Council, Jason Grant of the Forest Stewardship Council, and Mikhail Davis of Interface




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