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Garden to Table - Welcome to the Hollyhock Kitchen!

by: Sara on 03/25/2013
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About 10 years ago we published a great cookbook, Hollyhock Cooks, Food to Nourish Body, Mind and Soil from the cooks at Hollyhock, a world-renowned centre for learning and connection located on beautiful Cortes Island. Hollyhock boasts a spectacular garden that produces many of the ingredients used in the cookbook. The recipes were so simple and …

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Winter Harvest Cookbook Celebration Potluck

by: EJ on 11/26/2010
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Twice a year, the staff at New Society gathers for what we call our “covers meeting”. This is when the editorial committee presents the books for the upcoming season. Our cover designer collects her courage and hops on a seaplane and we all have a great time brainstorming cover ideas and possible changes to titles and subtitles. It is always …

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Seasonal Recipe - Portuguese Potato and Kale Soup

by: Heather on 02/05/2010
Posted in: Cooking

Happy Friday! Looking for a simple yet satisfying seasonal supper this weekend? Enjoy this heartwarming, mouthwatering Portuguese Potato and Kale Soup, courtesy of the Hollyhock Centre on beautiful Cortes Island, and featured in the fabulous Hollyhock Cooks!

Portuguese Potato and Kale Soup

Potatoes come in a remarkable variety of shapes, sizes and …

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Recipe Post - Chocolate Rum Pecan Balls

by: Heather on 12/16/2008
Posted in: Cooking

To help get you in the holiday spirit, here's a perfect vegan recipe from ExtraVeganZa for a festive cookie to make on special occasions - rich with rum, chocolate and ground pecans. Hold the diet!

Chocolate Rum Pecan Balls


  • 2 cups spelt flour (500 ml)
  • ¼ tsp sea salt (1 ml)
  • ½ tsp cinnamon (2 ml)
  • ⅓ cup cocoa powder (or carob …
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Recipe Post - Mint Pea Lime Soup

by: Heather on 06/24/2008
Posted in: Cooking

Now that it's summer (sort of) and fresh, local produce is available, here's a wonderful vegetarian recipe from ExtraVeganZa by Laura Matthias for Mint Pea Lime Soup. It's fabulous!

Mint Pea Lime Soup

This elegant, zesty green soup has a stunningly bright color and a unique minty flavor that intrigues most every palate. It is also packed with …

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