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New Gertie Schedule September 2017 - May 2018

by: EJ on 12/27/2017

Sorry for the delay!  We have finally updated our bus schedule hack with the new GERTIE schedule!  As always, although we have done our very best to get it right, please refer to the official GERTIE bus schedule.  This schedule is intended to be an easy to read guide to help you on your way.



Route A - Silva Bay
Weekday …
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Give the Gift of Health and Happiness

by: Sara on 12/03/2017


The holidays can be at time of over indulgence, whether it’s an extra cookie,  a second or fourth Baileys over ice, or a few too many days stuck in the house hiding from the cold. And while indulging -- in moderation -- can be a treat, rich foods and alcoholic beverages may start out making us feel merry and bright, but as pants begin to …

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Align your Giving with Your Values with the Help of The Better World Shopping Guide

by: Sara on 11/30/2017


In yesterday’s blog I shared my goal to try to stop my obsessive holiday shopping ways and to align my gift giving with my values. So, the first on my list of gifts that make a difference has to be The Better World Shopping Guide: Every Dollar Makes a Difference by Ellis Jones.

This pocket guide not only makes a good gift for the socially minded …

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Giving Gifts that Make a Difference

by: Sara on 11/30/2017

I’m going to start our 12 Days of Giving sale with a confession: I am a complete stress-case this time of year as I try to find ideal gifts, and I over spend on things that people probably don't even need anyway, and I feel my dearly held values around consumption slip away.

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We're Supporting Plan Canada for Giving Tuesday ...

by: EJ on 11/28/2017

And every day.  Both Sue Custance, production manager and Ingrid Witvoet, acquiring editor, sponsor girls though Plan Canada's #BecauseIAmAGirl campaign.  Please make a purchase on our website today and help contribute funds towards these two amazing girls.

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